Elora Pautrat’s Pastel-Colored Illustrations Have a Calming Effect

We could spend a whole day looking at the works of French artist Elora Pautrat. Her illustrations have a strangely calming effect, showing scenes of urban environments and landscapes wrapped in pastel colors.

Pautrat grew up in French Alps, which had a great role in her artistic journey and love for colors. Influenced by “Ghibli films, Ukiyo-E, impressionism, and color therapy,” she started making illustrations that put a modern twist to Japanese woodblock prints through the use of a “soothing color palette”.

Pautrat explained on her website that her goal is to bring some nostalgia and serenity to the people who come across her works.

“Similar to the true meaning behind Ukiyo-e: I’m trying to convey through my art and more especially my illustrations, pictures of a floating, dreamlike world that brings nostalgia and serenity to people looking at them,” she shares.

Pautrat’s unique style has brought her a significant online following and allowed her to be featured in various art magazines and “work on exciting projects.” She is now working on staging her first exhibition in Japan and plans to create a 3D world inspired by her pastel-colored illustrations.

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