Couple Creates Comics About Their Relationship and People are Loving It!

Being in a relationship and feeling joyful is most people’s life goal. Which is why this couple’s comics are adored by so many. The Potato Couplewhose artwork has attracted more than half a million Instagram followers, take typical issues couples face in their relationships and illustrate them in ways that make us laugh.

The comics are created by a Malaysian artist named Jason, who wanted to share all the quirky things he does with his girlfriend Ymei. Their love story began nine years ago, back in 2011, and it took Jason two years to start with his illustrations.

“(We) Met each other in an art class during elementary school, but we weren’t close to each other at that time,” he shared on his Instagram and added that they are now bestselling authors and the creators of J&Y Productions.

Hop on to their Instagram account to see what they have been up to lately. Meanwhile, we have chosen the funniest ones for you. Enjoy, and don’t forget to follow their quirky story.