Nana Key Illustrates Animal Portraits to Overcome Life’s Battles

Let us agree on one thing: animals are adorable, both in real life and on paper, or screen—whichever medium you prefer the most. And a gifted wildlife artist called Nana Key chooses to depict beautiful animal portraits that look like they came straight out of a dream.

Growing up, she went through a difficult period including having rare health issues, but she found a way to face her difficulties by creating art.

“I’ve loved the depictions of animals in art and drew them almost exclusively. There’s a joy and universal appeal they have over people and for some of us, it’s easier to find representation in them,” the New England-based Key said to Bored Panda and added that opening her Instagram account was a brilliant idea because the response is more than great.

Currently, she has over 116,000 followers and receives tens of thousands of likes on each illustration. If you also want to step into her dreamy world, check out the gallery below.