Check Out This Instagram Model Who Creates Her Own Photo Sets

Kihmberlie is the pseudonym for Kimberly Douglas, an Instagram model who crafts incredibly detailed photoshoot sets that she later uses to take self-portraits. She has been doing her project for around three years now, and according to the model, the beginnings weren’t easy at all, however, she still enjoys her creations.

“But starting off it was pretty difficult, especially since at the beginning I was shooting everything on my phone, so I couldn’t see if I was off-center or in-frame sometimes,” Douglas told Bored Panda. “My favorite things are definitely pushing myself to get better, trying different poses and facial expressions, figuring out how to create a set with minimum resources and transforming the spare room every week.”

Nowadays, Kihmberlie has reached almost 100 thousand Instagram followers. If you want to check out her beautiful DIY sets, just keep on scrolling. Don’t forget to follow the arrows to see how the photoshoots are done.