Jonathan Stryker is a Cosplayer You Don’t Want to Miss Following

Jonathan Stryker is a well-known name in the cosplayer world. He has been dressing up as Disney, anime, and other cartoon characters for more than a decade. His love for ‘all things fiction’ began when he was a little boy.

“I grew up in the anime, comic book, video game genre,” the cosplayer wrote on his Facebook page. “All of my cosplays are anime inspired. I try to remain original in my costumes and never try to stick to the specific design of the character, always adding more to their ‘look’ hoping to make them better and unique. Competitively I’m my biggest rival, always trying to better my own cosplays (which I make entirely myself; or put together) and pushing the envelope in creating showstoppers.”

The Miami, Florida-based artist has gained more than 144 thousand Instagram followers and has tens of thousands likes on each post.

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