Ilana Griffo’s Typography Art is Simply Delightful

Illustrator, letterer, and author Ilana Griffo admits to having a crush on handmade type and playful patterns. Based in Upstate New York, she’s known for her inspiring messages, written meticulously and shared on her Instagram page.

“As a graphic designer, typography has been a passion of mine as long as I can remember,” said Griffo in an interview with Hand Lettering for Beginners. “I used to write, and rewrite my class notes until they were as close to perfect as possible. I learned so much about the art of type as a design student, and I interned at a letterpress studio to learn more about the origin of type. I wanted to learn more about hand lettering because I knew it would bring a unique and personalized touch to the work I was doing with my design clients.”

But what began as a simple intention to learn more about hand lettering, spiraled into a blossoming career. “I took the class as a creative outlet,” she says. “While it related directly to the work I do daily, it was a step away from the computer, a new challenge. I was excited to have some direction, and someone to inspire and motivate me.”

Her playful, and visually tasteful designs will inspire you to get going. It’s that motivational boost you didn’t even know you were looking for. “I love that each person’s lettering style is a reflection of themselves,” says Griffo. “That’s what makes it so unique – your personal touch.”

Check out some of her inspiring work in the gallery below.