Alexandra Elle Will Remind You to Take a Breather

Alexandra Elle has dedicated her life to wellness, and her goal is now to teach you how to do the same. And author and wellness consultant, her mission is to build community and self-care practices through literature and language. And if it sounds far-fetching to you, hop onto her Instagram page where more than 565k followers are committed to making a change for the better.

Her path to healing isn’t as hard as it may seem at first. Sharing quotes and mantras that are sometimes scribbled on tiny notes, she explores the way journaling can help you understand yourself better. She also teaches workshops and retreats centered around assisting others in finding their voices through storytelling, poetry, and narrative writing rooted in truth without shame.

“For me, self-care teaches that I can pour into myself just as much as I pour into others,” Elle explained in an interview with Hello Giggles. “In fact, it means that in order to put the most love and care towards others that I can, I must take care of myself first.” A simple truth but one that is powerful and most often forgotten.

“A lot of people believe that self-care has to be expensive and lavish, but it doesn’t,” she stresses. “It can mean something as simple as making sure that you take five minutes to decompress every day. Take time to breathe. We are moving so quickly that sometimes we don’t even realize we’re breathing! Remember to be here and be present—that’s a non-negotiable for me. It really is amazing what taking five minutes—or whatever you can spare—just to be present can do for the rest of your day.”

Take a breather.

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Notes on Boundaries: Recently I had to do my part in honoring the boundaries I put in place. So often we talk about others respecting and accepting a boundary, but more times than not, it falls on us to set the trend with honesty and clarity. Personal experience: I know someone who only reaches out when they want something. Their sporadic texts became a trend, laced with needs, wants, favors, and "quick question for ya" that rarely involved care or respect for my time, energy, and space. Despite me knowing this, I continued to answer, show up, and make time when I didn't want to. After a while, I stopped engaging all together, which wasn't a healthy choice, but I didn't want to hurt feelings or cause conflict. Not only that, my problem wasn't addressed or fixed because I decided that saying nothing would speak volumes. It didn't. The Lesson: Using avoidance and calling it a boundary is neither transparent or helpful. Speak up and communicate. . . When this person recently reached out, despite the distance I thought I created; I told them kindly and honestly that I didn't have the space or the desire to connect or talk. That the one-sidedness of our interactions don't work for me, and I would prefer to no longer keep in touch. It was uncomfortable, but if I kept crossing the boundary into nourishing draining relationships, the interactions would keep happening, and I would keep feeling how I felt with the other party not having a clue because of my lack of communication. We are all trying our best to navigate relationships and figure things out. It takes trial and error, effort, and practice to do this thing called life while human. As I grow, I am choosing to invest and place my energy in learning better communication skills, nurturing equally healthy and whole relationships, and finding a better balance with honoring my self boundaries. Community: Where are you placing and investing your time & energy?

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