Check Out Hope: The Turtle Born With An Exposed Heart

Aquamike is a guy who loves turtles, and recently, he became a dad to a really special one. Little Hope is one of a kind; she was born with an exposed heart.

“It has this thin membrane instead of the scale,” Mike told The Dodo. “When I got her, she was a little bit bigger than a quarter. She’s just so visibly vulnerable. You can see her weakness. I was really scared to touch her at all just because she’s so small and she’s delicate and because of how big I am.”

Mike tries to handle her as little as possible, so he uses tongs to feed her. That is when they bond the most.

“I’m really hoping that she lives a full life and I don’t see at this point why she wouldn’t,“ he continued. To be able to give her the opportunity at life, it makes me really, really, really happy that I get to be the one that’s taking care of her.”

To see more of Hope, check out Mike’s Instagram page below.

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Do you believe in miracles❔

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