Check Out These Artificial Intelligence-Designed Hearts

The Artificial Intelligence programs like midjourney are changing the way art is made and helping the creation of some unique projects. One such project is a series of AI-designed hearts from Latvian digital artist Andrejs Pidjass.

Creating under the moniker Lusty Byte, Pidjass uses midjourney to create complex designs of the human heart. They are inspired by all sorts of different subjects, from steampunk to fairytales, and characterized by intricate details that include jewelry, mechanical parts, plants, and even animals, among others.

In the words of Pidjass, these intriguing artworks are based on the notion that every heart has its own personality.

“The heart speaks a powerful language that is felt, not spoken. Some hearts are wise, their atriums protected by marble leopards and ventricles of gold. Some are crowned by unicorns with hoofs encased in crimson arteries. Other hearts emit the colors of an enchanted forest from their valves,” states the Lust Byte official website.

While AI is responsible for bringing his ideas to reality, Pidjass prefers to be one that puts the final touch on each heart. Using Photoshop, he refines the AI-produced image until it appears to his liking.

Pidjass produces various art pieces using his AI hearts, including paper and canvas prints, which can be purchased from his official website. He also regularly shares the newest designs on social media.