Molly Devlin’s Flora and Fauna Paintings Will Leave You Amazed

The biggest inspiration for Sacramento-based painter Molly Devlin is the natural world. But the nature captured in her paintings is quite different than the one that surrounds us.

The flora and fauna that inhabits the world of Devlin’s art have a surreal and almost bizarre feel to them. They are composed of translucent animals, scary-looking spiders, poisonous mushrooms, and illuminated plants.

According to Devlin, through her unusual artworks, she wants to understand the relationship of humans with nature. The artist examines “the multicellular world with an attention to detail” while looking to “provoke fantastical suggestion into the secrets of these animal kingdoms; how they relate, resemble, and morph into one another. “

Devlin has captured the attention of the art world with her paintings, and rightfully so. The subjects her art deals with are rarely captured in such a captivating way, while her attention to detail and smooth brush strokes serve as a testament to her talent.

Devlin’s paintings have been slated to appear in several group exhibitions and solo shows in 2023. However, if they don’t reach a gallery near you, the great place to check them out is social media.