Alicja Kozlowska Recreates Everyday Products as Embroidery Pop Art

For Polish textile artist Alicja Kozlowska, creating 3D embroidery recreations of everyday products is a way to prompt viewers to “rethink these items we take for granted.” But she also wants to change the perception of fabric as such and showcase its potential as an art form.

Kozlowska became interested in fiber art and embroidery in 2017. Being a huge fan of pop art, she started using her newly acquired skills to make textile food, household items, and various objects that most of us have sitting around our houses.

According to Kozlowska, she draws the inspiration for her pieces from “the reality that surrounds me, consumerism and everyday objects.”

“My artwork is intimately connected to daily life, social and mass media contexts which in turn have helped define not only the meaning of my artworks but also me as an artist,” Kozlowska shares on her website.

Kozlowska’s embroidery pop art has been shown in a number of galleries and museums across Europe and the United States, including The LAM museum and Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum. She is also a recipient of the prestigious Hand & Lock Prize for Embroidery.