Elegant and Practical Furniture by Radhika Dhumal

Don’t you like it when your furniture is both practical and looks great? You sure do, but it is quite hard to find pieces that fit the description. Usually, the furniture you can get is either pretty but not very useful, or perfect for your needs but ugly.

Designer Radhika Dhumal seems to have managed to find that sweet spot between elegance and practicality with her furniture designs. A perfect example is the butterfly-inspired table she named Elytra.

The small coffee table has been designed to mimic the wing spread of a butterfly. At first sight, it is just a table with a slightly oval shape and not too much space. However, once you spread the table wings, you get an entirely different look with additional room for your needs.

Dhimal shared in a recent chat with the Colossal that she came up with the idea while trying to work out a concept that revolved around Matryoshka dolls.

“None of the forms clicked with me, and I randomly scribbled to go beyond the imaginary box that I was restrained to,” she shared. “It was almost like a ‘Eureka!’ moment for me, as I could see a hidden form of wings opening up.”

Besides this genius table, Dhumal also designed various other impressive furniture pieces like stools and chairs. Her works earned numerous recognitions, including an ADI Furniture Design Winner award in 2020.