Cat Duo Mochi & Sumo Will Put a Smile on Your Face With Their Silly Costumes

Many cats found viral fame on social media, and Mochi and Sumo are one of the most adorable duos that you’ll ever come across. They enjoy taking funny photos in incredibly silly costumes and exploring their hometown of Boston by their owners’ side.

The duo’s owner describes Mochi and Sumo as “two teddy bears who can’t bear to be two paws apart”. She calls Sumo a “grizzly bear” and describes Mochi as a “polar bear” because their fur comes in different colors, but they actually hail from the same breed.

Mochi and Sumo are Scottish Fold cats, a feline breed best known for their folded ears that give them an owl-like appearance. Their similarities pretty much end there because they have distinct personalities, despite being born just four days apart.

Sumo is more curious and adventurous than Mochi, who enjoys playing fetch, going for long walks, and playing with her owner’s iPad. Despite their differences, Mochi and Sumo seem to share a love for wearing hilarious outfits, especially once the holiday season arrives.

These silly pictures brought almost 200,000 followers to their Instagram page, but Mochi and Sumo look equally adorable when they’re simply hanging around their home or heading out with their owners to explore some of Boston’s top landmarks.