Ben Houtkamp’s Stained Glass Art Is Inspired by Childhood Nostalgia

Ben Houtkamp is the artist behind these gorgeous stained glass pieces. He finds inspiration in things from his childhood, such as video games, Pokemon cards, coloring books, Happy Meal toys, and much more. Stained glass is not a new art technique; in fact, it’s been around for centuries. Houtkamp skillfully puts a modern twist to it, using bright colors and geometric shapes.

Houtkamp grew up in an artistic family in Rockford, Illinois. His father Frank used to work with stained glass, too. “I grew up watching him work and hanging out at his studio,” Houtkamp tells Creative Boom. “I’ve always been an artist but I didn’t really consider working with glass until 2019. My dad taught me thoroughly even though I lack his masterful patience.”

As he explains, the process of making stained glass art is not difficult, but getting the details right is the difficult part. His father taught him to be patient and thoughtful with every piece he creates, as that makes all the difference with the final result.

Check out the artist’s Instagram page with over 12k followers if you want to see more of his work. In the meantime, we picked out some of his recent pieces below.