Cartoonist Draws Pizza Delivery Drivers Battling Supernatural Creatures

Pop culture and childhood nostalgia make for the perfect themes if you’re the artistic kind.

For one, nostalgia is such a powerful tool in drawing people in. That’s why we see so many movies from yesteryears being remade and people flocking to watch said movies even though it’s pretty much just the same exact story they watched as kids, only with better animation.

Cartoonist John Proctor knows that all too well.

That’s why his theme for his ongoing illustration series about pizza delivery drivers battling against supernatural creatures is retro, specifically, focusing on pop culture and childhood nostalgia.

The backstory really is quite something else, as it reads that these pizza delivery drivers are not famous for their “pizza delivery skills” but, rather, for “battling and slaying monsters”.

However that works is anyone’s guess at this point.

What is not up to debate is how these illustrations, which is aptly titled as “The Cult of Pizza,” will take you on a nostalgia trip that you never thought you needed.