Former MTV Reality Star Makes Creepy Art Inspired by Sleep Paralysis

Bizzy D is a name familiar to 90’s kids who grew up watching MTV’s reality shows, as he was one of the network’s earliest reality stars after starring in Becoming Sum41.

Unfortunately, the years outside of the spotlight have not done Bizzy D, who has started making art under the name Rebis Alobar, well.

Why? Because, apparently, he now suffers from Narcolepsy and Sleep Paralysis, and instead of shooting to fame, he’s spent the last couple of years creating the sort of eerie art that you’d expect from someone who’s looking to visualize the struggle of sleep paralysis.

According to his bio on Instagram, Bizzy D is now a narcoleptic and conceptual artist. He also says that he tries to paint the emotions that he feels while having sleep paralysis.

Whatever that means, we know now after seeing his art.

Sleep paralysis is no joke though, and if you’re suffering narcolepsy, it might be in your best interests to get help. This is because the frequent nightmares will absolutely do your life no good and your quality of life will suffer tremendously if you let it keep happening.

Scroll down below to see more of Bizzy D’s artworks, which are equal parts eerie and amazing.

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