These Comics Explain Why You Should Spend Your 20s Preparing For Your Future

If you believe all of those motivational quotes you see plastered all over social media, your 20s are supposed to be a time when you have zero cares in the world, as you live by the mantra “YOLO.”

But, what if we told you that shouldn’t be the case?

Yes, your 20s are when you are at your peak. Or, at least, physically.

That’s partly why it makes sense to have fewer worries at that time. However, it also means that you’re capable of doing a lot more when you’re younger than when you get older, especially as far as setting up for your future.

Unfortunately, that’s advice that often falls on deaf ears these days.

Here’s to hoping that this latest comic strip from thewokesalaryman helps change that.

Be sure to scroll down below to find out exactly what we mean.

And, also, for those who are in their 20s right now, we’re not saying that you should follow the comic strip’s advice, but you should at least consider sitting down and thinking about it.

After all, there’s no better time to prepare for tomorrow than today.