Turkish Tattoo Artist Creates Amazing Animal Tattoos For a Living

Do you know what separates the great artists from the good ones?

It’s the ability to create art that tugs at the audience’s soul, piques their interest, and inspires them.

That’s something that Izzet Abatlevi can do.

This Turkish tattoo artist inks people for a living. But, unlike other tattoo artists who seem to specialize in just about anything their clients want to get inked, Izzet excels at inking animal tattoos – people fly halfway across the world to get tatted by him.

These lovely animal tattoos may not be “photo-realistic” or amazing at first glance, but if you dig deep enough, you can see the passion and talent just bursting through.

Make sure to scroll down below to see more of Izzet’s work.

Be warned though. Seeing these animal tattoos may make you want to get inked as soon as possible.