Husband and Wife Make Adorable Tiny Hats Made of Cat Fur

Ryo Yamazaki found a creative way to deal with the shedding his adorable cats leave all around the house; he started making hilarious hats and headpieces all made from fallen cat fur. Together with his wife Hiromi, the Japanese duo went viral thanks to a hashtag #trumpyourcat in 2016 during the US presidential elections.

In their work, they used their three felines’ Nyaa, Mugi and Mar fur to create adorable bunny ears, little hats, and Viking helmets. You can find them on Instagram where they post images dedicated to their fur babies and funny headpieces. Thanks to their hobby they have gathered a following of over 115 thousand people.

They also have a personal website where you can see all of Hiromi’s designs. The feline trio appears to enjoy wearing personalized accessorizes their parents make.

Scroll down and take a look at the hilarious hats below. Do you have a favorite?