Birgitt Olislagers Will Remind You of the Endless Beauty to Be Found In Nature

Whether it’s her textile prints, botanical hoops or illustrations, Birgitt Olislagers makes sure her love of greenery and flowers shines through. With nature her biggest inspiration, the Netherlands-based artist creates intricate artworks that are directly inspired by the great outdoors.

“When I was younger I wasn’t interested in nature at all, plants were these horrible demanding things and I even killed a cactus at one point,” she admitted in an interview with Life in Maastricht. “Now nature has become this wonderful thing in my life that gives me instant gratification.”

“When I walk through the forest, nature keeps surprising me with hidden beauty, waiting to be found by whoever wants to take the time to appreciate it,” she gushes. “It’s the ideal place to clear your head and let the surroundings take over.”

Whether it’s small as a flower in bloom or as big as the ever-changing colors in the sky, Olislagers immerses herself in nature and finds endless beauty and inspiration within it. Here are some highlights from her Instagram page: