Lindsay Buck’s Botanical Collection Will Take Your Breath Away

Lindsay Buck has many talents to her name. With degrees in biology, fine arts, and environmental studies, she’s also a landscape architecture and nature enthusiast. So it isn’t surprising she fell in love with the lush greenery of Switzerland, when moving there, back in 2010.

“Moving to Switzerland in 2010 rekindled my admiration for the beauty and complexity of the natural world, which I first discovered as a child by wandering the woodlands and prairies of my native Minnesota,” wrote Buck on her website.

She soon devised a plan: to preserve this natural beauty by launching an online herbarium. This herbarium – a collection of preserved plant specimens – would be shared through her blog and Instagram page. And so the freshly pressed project was born.

Now, years later, and having moved back to Minnesota, her herbarium spans both Switzerland and the US. “In 2019 I brought the freshly pressed project back with me to Minnesota, where I continue to collect, press, and add to my herbarium collection,” she explained. “It has been an adventure in rediscovering the species from my childhood, which I now view with a new appreciation.”

It is an adventure you too can appreciate by following her social media pages.