Nicolas V. Sanchez Creates Captivating Drawings and Paintings of Horses

The works of New York-based artist Nicolas V. Sanchez touch on various subjects, ranging from portraits and paintings that pay tribute to his Mexican heritage to simplistic drawings of animals. However, there is one particular subject that continues to fascinate Sanchez, and that keeps finding a way into his creative practice: horses.

Sanchez’s keen interest in horses stems from the stories that his father told him about a skinny white horse that was blind in one eye. The horse, named Ojo de Vidrio (Glass Eye), fascinated the artist despite the fact that he had never seen it in person, and he decided to make it a subject of one of his works.

While working on Ojo de Vidrio’s portrait, Sanchez started being more interested in equine culture. This was also a way to honor his family history considering that his great-grandfather was a horse breeder.

Since then, he made horses a big part of his artistic inspiration, striving to capture their elegance, movements, and beauty through sketches, drawings, and even life-sized paintings. His works have been displayed in galleries across the United States and abroad, while also finding place in private collections.

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