Artist Combines Plants and Fruits With Drawings to Create Charming Illustrations

Jesuso Ortiz is a talented designer and illustrator from Spain who has a knack for seeing things for what they could be on top of what they are. This helps him combine various plants and fruits with drawings to create charming illustrations.

In Ortiz’s works, a black raspberry becomes the head of a sheep that carries a sleeping girl, while a rose serves as a shelter from rain. The artist keeps his illustrations simple, adding minimalistic drawings, and relies on the viewer’s imagination to put together all elements together and see his idea.

According to Ortiz, his goal is to create fantasy scenes, tell stories, and encourage people to reconnect with their inner child.

“I like to create fantasy scenes from these objects,” Ortiz shares about his works. “It’s a way of telling stories with a single image. Each person is the creator of their own reality. There are many more possibilities in this world than our eyes allow us to see. With my work, I try to invite people to regain their inner child curiosity and wake up their minds.”

Ortiz regularly shares his newest works on Instagram, where he has more than 250K followers. Check out more of them below.