Invite Nature Inside Your Home with Floral Patterns

Chloe Hall covers the world around her with bright floral patterns. We mean this quite literally. Her colorful designs are printed on anything from prints and cards to textiles and coffee cups.

Living and working from her untraditional houseboat based in Leicester, Hall’s inspiration is found right outside her front door. “I think living on a boat my whole life has made me into a nature lover!” she writes on her website.

“I’ve been surrounded by nature since I was little and I think I forget that the animals/nature I see isn’t what people see day to day unless you live where I live, so I shouldn’t take it for granted,” she added in an interview with Ohh Deer. “I love being outside and walking and always feel inspired when I’ve spent some time outdoors.”

Her illustrations – made of loose linework and watercolor – invite nature homeward, by celebrating its endless beauty. Hall also makes sure that the majority of the products she sells are packaged in 100% biodegradable and compostable clear corn starch “plastic” bags, and all that her paper goods have been made either using recycled materials or are FSC approved.