This Amazing Artist Uses UV Paint to Light Up Her Looks

Rita Synnøve Sharma is a half-Indian, half-Norwegian artist who won the Nordic face awards in 2018. But her makeup journey didn’t have the nicest beginning; the 24-year-old girl used makeup to distract herself from the eating disorder she was struggling with.

Sharma doesn’t do everyday, ordinary makeup looks, she uses UV paint and light to create glow-in-the-dark looks.

 “I got a pretty cool glow effect by cutting some holes in a black t-shirt and putting it over my softbox,” the artist explained. “That’s how I got the idea of doing makeup that glows in the dark. After a lot of practice and misses, I’ve gotten the hang of using the UV paint, light and also how I can manipulate lighting to mimic the glowing effect.”

Check out her looks below.