A 2-Year-Old Toddler Has His Own Cooking Show

Screenshot via Ayla Jalyn on YouTube

Girls are fantasizing about becoming world-known ballerinas when they grow up, boys pilots, while one 2-year-old toddler dreams about becoming a professional cook. Roman is already a rising cook star with his own cooking show.

The cute, blond toddler adores making food, and on his mother Ayla’s YouTube channel he is showing off his skills. Roman already knows how to bake a cake, make pizza and lasagna; he has even created a spooky-looking popcorns for Halloween. Although he is usually a true professional, the little chef still loves to lick the spoon, or eat the ingredients. He does all the cooking by himself, and his mom is there only to assist him.

Scroll down and check out Roman’s cooking shows. Isn’t he a cutie-pie?