Architecture Studio Presents AI-Supported Futuristic Solutions for Paris Buildings

Paris, France, saw a significant renovation of its architectural landscape in the 19th century thanks to an “urban renewal” project led by state official Baron Haussmann. His ideas and solutions left a lasting mark on the city, which is still seen in its boulevards, parks, and buildings.

Inspired by Haussmann’s works, architectural firm Vincent Callebaut Architectures recently decided to reimagine the city’s “look” once again by proposing a series of futuristic solutions for its buildings. In their works, supported by the Artificial Intelligence program, Paris receives a green and sustainable makeover.

Vincent Callebaut Architectures’ team based their ideas on the Paris Smart City 2050 project, which aims to help the city make an ecology-minded transition in the following decades. Their building designs incorporate a range of biological materials, including plants, hempline, bamboo, and many more. This turns the concrete buildings into living and breathing structures that can become a part of the ecosystem.

“Our team of architects continues to explore, via new artificial intelligence tools, the concept of climate and energy solidarity between energy-intensive Haussmann buildings and positive energy biomimetic architectures inspired by both shapes and structures and ecosystem feedback loops,” the studio explains.

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