Korean Artist Uses McDonald’s Paper Bags to Craft Lamps

Image via gyuhan_lee/Instagram

What do you do with a McDonald’s paper bag after taking out your order from it? Our guess is that you throw it in the trash or put it somewhere and forget it like most people. You might want to stop doing that since it turns out it can be used in a much better way.

Gyuhan Lee is a Korean artist and designer who found a great use for McDonald’s paper bags—he utilizes them to craft lamps. And they look so stylish that you will probably like them even if you are not a fan of the fast-food chain.

In a recent chat with designboom, Lee shared that the idea for these unique lamps came to him when he would get food deliveries from McDonald’s while working long hours in the studio. He made design sketches and outlines of the project but didn’t get around to turning it into reality until recently.

Waiting for his flight back home after a trip to Japan, Lee was reminded of his idea while passing by a McDonald’s restaurant at the airport. The staff was kind enough to provide him with some complementary paper bags, and he got to work once he arrived home.

His McDonald’s lamps look great but also seem like they could be practical. The nature of the paper used for the bag results in a warm light and tones down its intensity. Still, the artist is yet to decide whether they will be made available for purchase.