Stephanie H. Shih Creates Realistic Ceramic Grocery Items

Those walking into artist Stephanie H. Shih’s studio would think they just entered a well-stocked pantry. There are bags of flour, packages of cheese, soy sauce bottles, and cans of soda sitting on the shelves or the floor. The only difference is that these grocery items are actually made of ceramics.

For years, the U.S.-born artist has been using her ceramic skills to craft all sorts of packaged food and other pantry staples. Her works are inspired by her Taiwanese heritage and are meant to explore “the way cultural identities transform as they migrate with a diaspora.”

Shih’s ceramic objects are known around the world and beloved in America, but they stand out as an important part of the everyday lives of Asians living abroad. 

“She replicates everyday objects that reflect traces of colonization, emigration, assimilation, and cultural interchange within the lives of Asian immigrants and their children,” it says in the artist’s statement posted on her official website.

The ceramic grocery items created by Shih have received recognition from the art world and have been honored by various cultural institutions. They were also exhibited in a number of group and solo exhibitions. You can currently check out some of her creations at the Syracuse University Art Museum or by checking out her official social media profiles and website.