Sim Sim Draws Intriguing Urban Portraits in Her Sketchbooks

Sketchbook drawings are one of the purest forms of art. They reflect the artist’s current thoughts and sudden bursts of inspiration that can result in some truly remarkable works. For some, like France-based artist Sim Sim, they can also be the main medium for their creative endeavors.

Sim Sim gained recognition among social media users thanks to the intriguing portraits she creates in her sketchbooks. These intriguing works capture a moment of time, depicting subjects stopped in motion in urban surroundings. They can be seen gazing through the window of a bus, climbing an escalator, or simply walking down the street.

Most of Sim Sim’s urban portraits, which feature both pop culture characters and random people, are done using a charcoal pencil. However, the artist recently started adding some color to her works by experimenting with pastel colors. While more challenging than her charcoal pieces, according to the artist, these pastel drawings have a dreamlike element to them that makes them arguably even more powerful in the eyes of the viewer.

Sim Sim shares her drawings on Instagram, where she has 120K followers. She also offers the original pieces for purchase on her official webshop. Continue scrolling to check out more of them.