Illustrator Captures Calming Everyday Scenes with His iPad Drawings

The works of Seoul-based illustrator Fraink are not realistic or eye-catching in the sense that you will be amazed by his lines and use of shadows. But they are surprisingly captivating and calming, thanks to the use of uncharacteristic colors and the depiction of everyday scenes.

Fraink started creating his intriguing artwork on his iPad while pursuing an industrial design degree. However, he only started sharing them with the rest of the world couple of years ago and was pleasantly surprised with the overall positive reactions.

In his works, Fraink puts much emphasis on color. He mostly steers away from pastels and instead opts for bold colors with high intensity. Another integral part of his creative process is the way he uses those colors.

Adding an abstract note to his illustrations, he chooses to color them as opposed to conventional practice. The roads can be blue, the sun pink, and the hills orange.

“The overall composition is expressed simply and monotonically, but the elements contained in it are rough and bold. I want to draw the themes and stories in the work to move alive and lively,” the artist shares.

Fraink regularly shares his new works on Instagram. Check more of them below.