Japanese Artist is Transforming Plants and Flowers Into Fairy’s Dress 

Have you ever wondered what fairies would wear if they were real? One Japanese artist decided to solve this mystery! The twenty-year-old Momotsuki is using flowers and leaves to make beautiful tiny dresses and they’re truly fit for a fairy.

Momotsuki is based in Kagoshima, Japan, and her creations are inspired by her love for nature. She was only 14 when she fell in love with gardening, and she decided to do something fun with the plants in her garden after their number increased over time.

Momotsuki started working on a project called Fairy’s Dress, creating tiny dresses with flowers from her garden, from pansies and dahlias to roses and carnations.

Momotsuki initially made her fairy dresses for fun, but she eventually decided to share them with the world, in the hope they’ll bring as much joy to other people as they did to her.

“Many people told me that the fairy dresses had healing qualities, and I gradually started making them with prayers in my heart. Fairy dresses may not change your life, but like the light of a small candle, they may be small but they have a radiance and warmth that can illuminate your heart,” wrote the artist on her official website.