All That Glitters Is Not Gold – But These Collages Are

If you’ve been on Instagram long enough, you’ve probably seen Sara Shakeel’s collage art at one point or another. Sparkly glitzy, and very much millennial, her creations are pure eye candy, grabbing the attention of fans and celebrities alike, from Sarah Jessica Parker to Miley Cyrus.

But funnily enough, the award-winning Pakistani artist got to where she’s now by failing at her dream job – after she failed to graduate from dental school. Don’t feel too sorry for her, though. With collaborations with giants like Barneys, Huda Beauty, and Nike, she’s having a pretty good time.

“My art is either a story I want to live for myself, something I have witnessed or a life I want to live, emotions play a major part in my work,” she writes on her website. “I am in a habit of giving my heart to any piece I create.”

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