Artist Creates Modern Renditions of Philippine Mythological Creatures

Each country has their own set of beliefs, legends, and mythologies.

The Philippines is no exception.

Unfortunately, because of how diversified the Filipino culture has become over the past few decades — an influx of foreigners coming into the country to settle in and travel, plus the hundreds of years the country spend under the rule of either the Spaniards, Americans, and Japanese — much of the country’s legends and mythologies have been forgotten.

Recently, more and more artists are taking the time to shed some light on some of these forgotten legends and mythologies.

CJ Reynaldo, otherwise known as caldatelier, is one of those who’s using his art to help educate the world about the different creatures that make the myths and legends of the Filipino people.

From the Bungisngis of the Tagalog people to the moon devourers of various Filipino cultures, CJ’s art is something else.

Make sure to scroll down below to appreciate it better and to learn more about the Philippine’s many creatures of myths and legends.