Allison Black’s Illustrations Are a Ray of Sunshine

Illustrator Allison Black admits that art always came naturally for her. “I have two siblings that are several years older, so I typically couldn’t keep up with them but when it came to drawing I could actually hold my own,” she told the Papier blog. “My mom picked up on my interest and she enrolled me in some classes that I really enjoyed.”

“I just knew I liked to draw things that had a story or a purpose,” she stressed. Full of whimsicality, her brightly colored illustrations have a naivety to them that makes us happy (a purpose in its own right).

Nowadays, Black’s illustrations are featured in children’s books and products that vary from baby bedding and toddler clothes to Christmas ornaments and Easter baskets. She also runs a stationery company, Hip-Hip, that sells greeting cards and other goodies.

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