Andy Dixon’s Paintings Are Undeniably Cool

Some people were born to be artists. Case in point: Andy Dixon. A punk at heart, the Canadian-based artist was a musician long before he took to painting.

“Everything I’ve learned about painting I could relate back to a lesson I learned in music,” he explained in an interveiw with Lolita Magazine. “It took me about 15 years of performing to realize that I’m just not a performer.”

“I like to paint how a kid paints, before we all hit 12 and learnt how to draw in class, the oval with the eyes in the middle, you know,” said Dixon. “You kind of lose this magic, the thing you did before where you just started and just did it. That’s my process.”

His paintings have a naive quality to them that’s somewhat addicting. You don’t have to take our word for it, take Donatella Versace’s. His collaboration with the fashion brand was all the hype. Check it out (and more) in the gallery below.

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