Adri Rachelle Rescued Around 200 Neglected Animals on Her Farm

Many animals end up neglected and abandoned, with nowhere to turn, and Adri Rachelle is doing everything in her power to take care of them. She dedicated her life to taking care of rescue animals, and she saved around 200 of them on her farm in Georgia over the years.

Rachelle is the founder of Wild Things Sanctuary, dedicated to saving animals from abuse, slaughter, and neglect, and raising awareness about their suffering. This sanctuary is located on a historic 200-acre farm in Georgia, where rescue animals live with her family, but how did she decide to start it?

After spending years rescuing animals out of her own pocket, she realized this is no longer just a hobby. Saving animals became the story of her life, and she wanted to make it her primary focus.

Neglected animals always seemed to be drawn to her, and she saved around 200 over the years. Rachelle admits that running the sanctuary is physically, emotionally, and financially demanding, but she still wants to give her animals an amazing life, despite the limited resources at her disposal.

“I also pride myself on always exceeding an animal’s basic requirements for living… I want them to be spoiled and try to create homes for them that are absolutely over the top and incredible! Thrive instead of just survive!” she told Bored Panda.