Lisa Seaurchin’s Sculptures Will Help You Rediscover the Beauty of Coral Reefs

It’s no secret that coral reefs around the world are in grave danger, and Lisa Seaurchin is using her art to raise awareness about this issue. She makes sculptures that capture the delicate beauty of coral reefs, sea urchins, and other marine organisms that need protection.

Lisa Stevens has a background in animation, and she spent years working as a sculptor/model-maker at Aardman Animations. This studio gave us such animated classics as Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit, but Stevens eventually decided to step away from it all and develop her own unique style.

She now works from her home studio in Bristol, using porcelain and clay to create detailed small-scale sculptures, jewelry, and other decorative objects entirely by hand. She uses a variety of small tools when creating her art and her process is very intuitive because she enjoys letting clay do its own thing.

Her sculptures often take inspiration from sea creatures, such as coral, jelly fish, and sea urchins, and she’s hoping her work will have a positive impact on their livelihood.

“Through my work, I hope to highlight the issues that human activity has on the environment. Small differences in each of our behaviors can add up to make a big difference,” explains Stevens on her official website.