Mizuki Tsurutaka is Celebrating the Underrated Beauty of Insects With Her Jewelry

Insects are often seen as scary and ugly creatures, but many artists manage to find beauty in them and show them in a new light. Mizuki Tsurutaka, the founder of Black Barc Jewelry, is one of them, and she’s creating beautiful jewels shaped like beetles and other insects.

Tsurutaka uses traditional Japanese blacksmithing techniques to make her one-of-a-kind jewelry, and it all started when she was just 19. She was still a college student at the time, but jewelry-making allowed her to explore her creative side and celebrate her heritage.

She eventually started her own brand Black Barc Jewelry, and their official website states they’re dedicated to making everything by hand using old-time techniques, guided by the belief that making each piece by hand makes them special and unique.

Since embarking on this journey, Tsurutaka crafted many jewelry collections, exploring different subjects. Nature has always been her main driving force, so we’ve seen her create jewelry shaped like snakes, flowers, and skulls before settling on insects.

Tsurutaka’s has been thinking about making insect-shaped jewelry for years before finally launching her “Mushi” collection. Most of the pieces are shaped like her favorite insect—beetles—with wings that can open and close together, revealing colorful gems underneath.