Artist Uses Chains to Create Astonishing Sculptures

Young-Deok Seo is an artist from South Korea who has an unexpected preference for the material he uses for his sculptures. Instead of using wood or marble, he opts for chains.

The unusual choice of material doesn’t hinder Seo’s ability to create astonishing artworks; on the contrary. He manages to make lifelike sculptures that look like they could start moving at any moment.

The artist explains on his website that his use of chains doesn’t only help him turn his creative vision into reality. It also allows him to convey an important message about society.

“The chains in my work are fetters,” he explains on his website. “The fetters are all about our contemporaries’ complicated, forced relationships and cravings for materials. I want to show, through my works, the portraits of our time where personal thoughts and lives are ignored.”

Seo’s impressive works are a result of months and sometimes years of planning and execution. Each sculpture contains thousands upon thousands of pieces that are meticulously joined together to create a recognizable figure.

In the past years, Seo’s chain sculptures were on display in reputable galleries in his native Korea as well as several European countries. His works are also available on Instagram. Check out more of them below.