Zemer Peled’s Sculptures are Inspired by the Natural World

Zemer Peled finds beauty in broken shards of porcelain. Her work, based on deconstruction and then reconstruction, is formed from thousands of porcelain shards constructed into sculptures (of varying sizes and shapes) and installations. The end result often takes after the natural world, reminding us of organic forms such as coral and flowers.

 “I’m constantly inspired by nature, traveling, and hiking,” she shared in an interview with Sarah K. Benning, where she talked about her creative process. “The first place I go when I visit somewhere new is the botanical gardens. I love gardens, national parks, and taking in huge landscapes – Joshua Tree is my favorite place I found this past year.”

Born and raised in Israel, Peled earned her MA at the Royal College of Art (UK). In recent years, her work has been exhibited internationally at venues including Sotheby’s, Saatchi Gallery (London), and the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art (Kansas City), and she has also been featured in Vogue, O Magazine, and Elle, amongst other international publications. 

But she’s also amassed an impressive following online, with almost 65,000 fans on Instagram alone. “The internet is an incredible tool for artists – especially with things like Instagram because it’s so visual,” notes Peled. “Through it I’ve been able to meet new people and get to see and learn about so many new artists. And not just artists – Instagram makes it possible for people in all kinds of fields to visually show their passion – I love looking at not only artists but also accounts of archaeologists, scientists, national parks etc. for inspiration.”

Peled’s work is also found in many private collections around the world and museum collections, such as the Fuller Craft Museum, the Crocker Art Museum, and the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation. But you can also purchase her pieces for yourself through her website.