Amanda Parer’s Bunnies Demand Your Attention

Known for her colossal installations, Amanda Parer’s explores the relationship between light and dark, nature and man. Based in Tasmania, Parer admits to being inspired by its dramatic landscape, with her artwork aiming to explore the natural world, its fragility, and the role of humanity within it.

“We share our home planet Earth with other species,” she reflected in an interview with Stereolux, “and we may be the most evolved because we can manipulate our environment the most, but I think that this comes with an arrogance from us which has proven detrimental.”

Most known between her pieces are her giant bunnies, lit from within, Parer explains that she enjoys playing with scale as it offers a chance for humans to feel small, and to experience a sense of humility. “There is also the added effect which is that it allows people to enter a space of fantasy,” she notes. “Either way, I aim for it to be a journey.”

Employing scale, light, and humor entices the audience, and demands their attention. The giant installation also serve to stimulate the imagination while offering scope for reflection about our state with the natural world.

“I love art because it is so varied,” admits Parer. “Personally, I enjoy art that is responding to what is happening now, therefore my work explores man’s relationship with the natural world and our role within it. I present my artwork to promote discussion.”