Pokras Lampas’ Calligraphy Art Makes for a Bold Statement

Considered one of the most distinguished representatives of modern calligraphy, Pokras Lampas’ practice combines street culture, graffiti, design, and typography. Born in Korolyov in 1991, the Russian artist is a distinguished member of the “Calligraffiti” movement, and known for a style that has become to be known as “Calligrafuturism”.

According to Lampas, his calligraphy work is a combination of the different languages and letters he knows, as he invents new letters that look familiar but are in fact undecipherable.

“Calligraphy is not only about art, it is the way to pass the message,” he explained in an interview with Medium. “Just imagine,” he says “in hundred years’ people will realize that they actually need the way to communicate with each other — and to provide humankind with the lingua franca, where all the languages are evenly represented. Here we will need to find new letter shapes, because everyone would want to see their country represented in the new alphabet.”

Displayed in museums and galleries around the world, in countries like Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and even South Korea, he has also won the GQ Russia “MAN of the YEAR: NEWCOMER” award for 2019, for his street art, fashion and cultural projects.

“I write my thoughts on culture, technology and art are influencing the future,” relayed Lampas. “The language itself is not important — but the way how people are searching for the unified language and what guides will they use to transform written languages is,” he adds.

Most recently he created a monumental printed installation on the façade of Dover Street Market in London. Scroll down to see more of his selected work.