You Gotta See the Characters of This Spanish Illustrator

David Benzal is a conceptual artist and illustrator who creates art for big companies such as Sony PlayStation, Walt Disney Studios, HBO, Netflix, Ubisoft, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios Entertainment, and many more.

His artistic journey began more than two decades ago in Barcelona where he studied art. There he studied mural painting and technical procedures, however, at the end of the studies he got introduced into the world of illustration. He became a trained illustrator who created a unique style by merging the techniques in the drawing of comics, as in the field of the pictorial.

His works can be found in various television productions, cinematographies, video games, and comics. Benzal is an award-winning artist whose characters are recognizable by the projected light, which gives them an aura with their own personality.

If you are interested to see his creations, check him out and the rest of his works over on Instagram.