Will You Rock This New Eyeliner Trend?

Makeup trends have evolved so much in the last decade, shifting from lighter everyday looks to full-on glamorous. Makeup tools are also evolving with inventions such as highlighters and primers. All these come together to make an eye-popping look.

Doing your own makeup is not a walk in the park, but you can find videos online to help. When it comes to drawing a winged eyeliner, lots of people find it difficult. This new trend makes it seem even more difficult. The video below is a guide on how to create it with ease in less than two minutes.

The woman in the video starts off with some sticky tapes used to create a perfectly straight line. This line is also partitioned to create line breaks inside the wings. She applies the eyeliner and leaves the partitioned areas empty. Finally, she takes off the sticky tapes and reveals the flawless eyeliner.

Will you rock this on your eyelids?