This Artist Creates Coveted Objects Using a 3D Printer

3D printers are outstanding because of how they can make different types of objects with various materials in one single in-house machine. Sounds futuristic right? Welcome to the future.

3D printers can make anything from plastic toys to ceramic cups, stoneware vessels, metal machine parts, fancy chocolate cakes and perhaps even human body parts in the near future.

These devices replace the traditional factory production line using one single machine. The inkjet printers replace the ink bottles, printing press, drying rack, and hot metal type.

The process of designing with a 3D printer is simple. It works with a regular home PC which is connected to the 3D printer itself. You basically just need to sit and watch.

This artist specializes in creating medieval objects as well as movie and cartoon characters with a 3D printer. Scroll below to see his amazing work.