Will Louis Be Grumpy Cat’s Successor?

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. This includes Tardar Sauce, otherwise known as Grumpy Cat, who had a massive following of nearly 3 million users before he met his untimely demise recently.

While much of the internet has yet to recover from such a tragic loss, it seems that some netizens are already hard at work looking for Tardar Sauce’s successor.

And, what do you know? Some hawk-eyed fans seem to have found someone who is grumpy enough to take on the mantle.

Louis is a 6-year-old Persian cat based in Austin, Texas. He is a relative unknown, all things considered. As of this time of writing, Louis has just a little over 6,000 followers. This pales in comparison the OG Grumpy Cat. But, considering how quickly things can go viral over the internet, and how “grumpy” Louis really looks, it’s only a matter of time before this angry kitten blows up big.

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