What Happens When An Artist Goes Against Textbook Beauty

While it might seem that a single concept of beauty is pushed on us, there are artists in the margins, on the fringes of society, that are rejecting textbook prettiness. Instead, these artists are here to introduce what they find beautiful, ugly, cool, crazy, chaotic, critical, and weird – the things that life is, or the ways in which art reflects it.

Brooklyn-based 21-year old artist, Tomasyn Hayes, aims to do just that. She prefers playing with spikes, piercings, silicone elf ears, outlandish fashion choices, and whatever seems taboo, frightening or weird by conventional, beauty standards.

She plays with photography, often using herself as a model for alien-like representations. Hayes was bullied a lot as a kid for being different, thinking she will never make it past 20. Now she is around to tell the beautiful weirdos of the world that it’s ok and that she is there for them.

Check out her eye popping work: