Olek Elevates Yarn to a Form of Art

NYC-based Agata Oleksiak, who goes under the name Olek, brought Polish culture along with her, creating fun yarn art in usual and most unusual ways.

Olek’s work includes crocheted bicycles, fiber art, and performance pieces. She has gone way beyond covering trees with yarn – covering sculptures, people, apartments, and even buildings with crochet. 

Olek believes that art and life are inseparable, and her crochet art is her way of expressing the interconnectedness between “our body and its systems and psychology.” If you cut one piece of the created work of yarn, the whole thing will fall apart. 

Olek is also a strong supporter of women’s rights, and often uses her work to promote this cause. She has had exhibitions in the UK, US, Turkey, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, and Costa Rica.

Yarn’t you glad you clicked this link? (Sorry, we had to get that pun in.)