Watch the Trailer for the New Dora the Explorer Movie

The famous Dora, the Explorer cartoon from Nickelodeon, is finally getting its own movie. The trailer reveals that the main character, Dora is a lot older than she was in the cartoon.

The monkey, Boots, also makes an appearance in the movie. But we didn’t see a talking backpack and fans are not pleased about that.

Many social media users complain that they expected to see some elements of the cartoon in the movie. They also wanted to hear the backpack talk. The movie seems, rather, like a more realistic version of the cartoon.

Some users have referred to the movie as the “Black Panther” for Latino people. It features top actors like Eva Longoria, Michael Pena, and Isabela Moner. The movie will be in cinemas on August 2. When it’s released, we can finally answer all those burning questions.